Researchers from LQDTU successfully developed the anti-drone system

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      Drones or UAVs are useful for human life if they are used for positive purposes. They help people reach the most difficult places to accomplish a specific task. By undergone tremendous development, drones have been widely utilized in many application scenarios such as aerial photography, transportation, search and rescue operations, safety surveillance, etc. However, there are many dangerous threats from drones when they are used for contrary and illegal purposes. They cause four main considerable risks, including attacks, collisions, smuggling, and spy. To solve these problems of drones and other UAV devices, it is necessary to deploy an anti-drone system for protection of sensitive areas according to accurate detection, recognition, localization, and giving attacking decisions.




      Fortunately, researchers from Le Quy Don Technical University (LQDTU) have successfully developed the anti-drone system with the name CA-18. This system employs jamming techniques for the drone control signals to prevent the drones (such as flycams) entering the protected zones. It can do jamming for multiple drones in one direction and can catch the drones in some conditions. CA-18 has the weight of around 12kg and operates in three different frequency bands including GPS, control and digital communication. It has compact design, portable and easy to use.



      It is clear that this research achievement opens up a promising direction for many future research results in the near future. The success of this research will be a prerequisite for the development of bigger projects and high valued intellectual property research results.

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